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Nov 25

5 Benefits of Virtual Desktop as a Service

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5 Benefits of Virtual Desktop as a Service

Virtual Desktop as a Service (DaaS) moves your company’s desktops to the cloud. All the applications and data used by you and your employees remain on a remote system with display, keystroke, or mouse click information communicated with the local device. This model is especially useful for a dispersed workforce or insurance, retail, and healthcare companies.  

Here are five benefits of using virtual desktops:

  1. Accessibility 

Desktop as a service provides access to applications regardless of the system. For instance, if an application or suite of products you need to run your business requires a Microsoft system, the mobile device or laptop being used no longer needs to be Microsoft enabled. Users can use their preferred device—PC, Mac, or mobile device—and still access the tools they need to do their job.  

  1. Greater Storage Space 

With DaaS, you get nearly unlimited storage space. Each user or employee will have access to more storage space for applications and files than they would on their hard drive. This is especially true for mobile devices since they don’t have the same storage capacities as laptops.   

  1. Business Continuity    

You’ll be able to keep employees working wherever they’re located when you use DaaS. All applications remain within the data center, which provides employees with instant access to software and updates. They won’t need to worry about coming into the office for an update. The hosting provider will be able to handle all of that.      

  1. Reduced IT costs

With traditional desktops, you need to configure and install software on each employee’s laptop. When you switch to virtual DaaS, users no longer need a dedicated desktop or laptop. This reduces the need for onsite IT personnel, equipment, and maintenance, saving you money.  

  1. Increased security

Your hosting provider manages all data storage and back-ups when you use virtual desktops. Since data is stored in the cloud and maintained by the service provider, information is no longer stored on your employees’ laptops. You’ll be better protected in the event of theft, loss, or a cyberattack. 

In today’s work environment, employees are dispersed all over the country and even the world. Virtual desktop as a service provides many benefits to those who plan to work remotely for the foreseeable future. Don’t wait to take advantage of the cloud. Consider hiring an IT consultant for your business. Get a free assessment of your current IT set-up and learn how The IT Link can help you today.

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