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Email & Cloud Services

Office 365

Having the right tools can make all of the difference

Office 365 Plus provides you with cloud-based access to all of your favorite Microsoft Office applications on a pay-as-you-go basis. For a low monthly fee, you can have Office 365 on up to five devices per user, giving you the latest versions of popular Microsoft tools like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more.

Work anywhere, work together, work smarter

Get all the same, rich Office features on your PC, Mac or Mobile Device through a native app or streamed live from the Web. Communicate and collaborate with such powerful tools as Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. Leverage the convenience of the cloud for your business productivity.

Press forward with confidence and simplicity

Manage all of your Office 365 services from a single sign-on console that shows you everything you need to know about your accounts and users, including the ability to protect company data by enforcing your security policies and remotely wiping devices if necessary. Take your Office 365 experience into the cloud today to see how much farther your business can go.

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Hosted Exchange

Eliminate the hassles of in-house servers

Hosted Exchange gives you control of your email system without the complications and expense of managing your own servers. For a low monthly, per-mailbox fee, you get unlimited storage with the best spam and malware protection in the business built right in.


  • Easy, Web-based access
  • Unlimited Mailbox Storage
  • Optimized performance with Akamai IP Acceleration Technology
  • Embedded spam and malware protection
  • Shared Mailboxes, Public Folders, In-Place Archiving
  • Outlook 2013 for PC or Outlook 2011 for Mac


  • Simple portal management for routing, aliases, groups, users, and many other client configuration settings
  • Mobile device support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry
  • Fully-functional Outlook Web App access
  • Live spam statistics and zero-hour alerts
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Email Continuity Services

Insurance for your email.

Email has become such an important tool for all businesses. But regardless of the size of your shop, email outages caused by hardware failures, required system maintenance or even natural disasters can be catastrophic to both your well-being and your bottom line. Protect your livelihood with Email Continuity Service (ECS).

Not if, but when…

Unfortunately, outages occur. But ECS will ensure that your employees can access their email instantly through Outlook Web App (OWA), regardless of why the outage occurred and how long it lasts. So your business can continue to operate and you won’t have to worry about any bounced messages.

Become Proactive

ECS is affordable for businesses of all sizes and very easy to use. Once configured, it requires no onsite hardware or software and is always instantly available. Add ECS to your business continuity plan today and take a proactive stance against future email outages.

Email Encryption

Don’t take privacy for granted

Send confidential emails with confidence, using CipherPost ProTM email encryption service. With CipherPost Pro, your message remains encrypted all the way to the recipient. You control who sees your messages, and the patented delivery slip will show you when the message is received and opened. CipherPost Pro truly has brought next-generation encryption to your business today.

Encryption made easy

CipherPost Pro also ensures protection of confidential information and helps maintain regulatory compliance, such as HIPAA regulations and other privacy standards. It integrates with existing technology investments, is easily accessible through any browser and has dedicated apps for all popular devices, including i0S, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone.

No more excuses.

Considering that CipherPost Pro Requires minimal overhead, eliminates message or key storage and has the lowest volume of helpdesk calls in the industry, you can’t go wrong with our free, 30-day trial. Best of all, there’s no hardware or software to manage and you can cancel anytime for any reason. What are you waiting for?

Email Archiving and Compliance

Don’t worry about compliance – handle it, instead

Store your business records securely and retrieve them easily with The IT Link’s archiving and eDiscovery solution


Every day, your business handles countless messages and files that could contain essential information for business, tax or contractual purposes. You may also be required by law or by industry regulations to maintain records for a period of time. Whatever your needs, The IT Link can help protect your business and your intellectual property with our archiving, eDiscover and compliance solutions.

With The IT Link’s services, you can maintain an easily accessible archive of messages and documents that can be searched, verified and audited. The IT Link’s solution provides secure, long-term storage that can save you time, money and potential compliance issues.

The IT Link has several options available, ranging from simple business archiving to legal hold to more complex solutions designed to help you comply with FINRA and other industry-specific rules. Our sales advisors can help you determine which is right for your business

Features & Benefits: 

  • Secure, centralized, off-site storage
  • Online access to current & historical messages
  • Rapid search & retrieval via full text indexing and search engine technology
  • Easy to setup with our guided migration assistance
  • Searches on messages, headers & attachments
  • Messages are serialized, time-date stamped
  • Can import legacy email to unified archive
  • Multi-lingual interface (English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese)
  • Meets stringent compliance & audit rules (SEC, NASD, IDA, HIPAA, SOX, FRCP, privacy)
  • Advanced dual encryption to ensure privacy, confidentiality and non-disclosure
  • Full audit trails & reports on email history
  • Secure offsite storage with multi-Data Center replication
  • Complete lifecycle management with retention & disposal periods


Lawsuits and investigations can be expensive, even if your company isn’t the plaintiff or the defendant. In today’s business environment, you can be asked to produce electronic copies of important communications or documents.

The IT Link’s eDiscovery solutions can make that process easier for you and your team. With The IT Link, your data is stored securely and the metadata is preserved.

It is easy to search and retrieve legally defensible messages and attachments. There are also options available that allow you to capture other communications like texts and instant messages as well.